Free CRM for travel companies

Why do we need TravelCRM?

TravelCRM is effective free and open source application for the automation of customer relationships for travel agencies at all levels, from small to large networks. TravelCRM allows to improve the processes of interaction with customers of travel agency, which leads to an increase in the level of loyalty to the company and increase sales. TravelCRM designed primarily for companies that are not willing to pay big money for the commercial industry solutions and want to have an inexpensive and flexible solution that can be adapted to the business processes of the company.

Why TravelCRM?


TravelCRM is distributed under the terms of free GNU General Public License v3 and free to download and share.


Basic functionality of TravelCRM is rich and allows to quickly get started for any travel company. 


TravelCRM built using the Pyramid web framework and will be great platform for your own projects.

For develop we use


Pyramid Framework 

PostgreSQL сервер баз данных 

SqlAlchemy ORM для Python